Aluminum Frames


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1021 Frame

The 1021 is the classic frame, our original frame existing since the establishment of the company. It gives a thick border to the door and provides a robust metallic structure sensation.

The glass that it uses is 1/8" thick.

1021 Frame

1022 Frame

Our latest frame model, 1022, gives the beveling some customers look for their spaces. It is a combination between the contemporary and the vintage. 

The glass for this profile must be 1/8"


1040 Frame

This is a modern profile and the most famous one chosen by our customers. 

The glass that it uses must be a 1/8" thick.


1042 Frame

The minimalist profile is the best description for this frame style. It is the one that shows the least aluminum in the doors.

The glass that it uses is whether a 3/16" or 1/4". The glass needs a special treatment on the edges.



1. Price based on a cabinet door up to 4.5 sqft. with regular glass.

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